The smartest giant in Hull by Ellie

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George is a friendly giant but very scruffy! If you want to know more about him reed my story. He where’s a scruffy gown and old , brown shoes. One day George sor a shop called topshop. Just then George decided to go in to top shop. From top shop he got some  smart shoes  ,sox ,trousers and a tee shirt. When he got into the new clothes he said I’m the smartest giant in hull. Then he walked away happily. On the way back home  he sor some mice  crying. What’s a matter? Asked George. Our house  is bernt down. I wish we have a nice new house  to live. Cheer up

Said George you can have my shoe as a nice new home. Thanks said the mice. Then George decided to go to east park and  there he sor a fox that was upset . George asked what’s a matter said George? Sadly the fox  said my sleeping  bag got wet.





By connie

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George is a giant that is very friendly.He is as fat as a cherry.Once upon a time there was   😁   a giant called George. Do you know about him? He is not as small as a day he saw a shop he bought a pair of socks,some shoes,a skarf oh and some trawsers. He put them on carfuly.

By Zackary

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The smartest Giant inHull.


Once upon a time there live giant called George.

George wears old brown sandles and the same patch  up gown.

One day George saw a new shop it was called primark.

Geoge bought a smart pare of trousers ,socks ,shoes and a belt.

He said to him I’m the smartest giant in hull!

George saw a griffe ise my neck said the griffe so he gave

his tie to him.

After that George saw some rats,mise thiy hose as bent down.

Finly George saw a dog who was crossing a  bog. The end.




By Beau

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George is a gaunt the scrufyest gaunt in Hull but he sees a shop called praymark and he bays some. clouths then he sees sad man because he doesn’t have eniy food hare you go I will give you my bread stick thank you said the man. Then he saw a man 😕 fix his car but he can’t hare you go have my spanner thank you. But he walks and sees a sad rabit🐰 please can we have some krauts hair you go thank you. Then he sees a sad 🐱 because he can’t play with the 🐦 hare you go yam yam. Then he walks and says hono he said because his pants fell down. Oh on praymark is klozd here they  is a preznt at my door and  it is close. But they not smart.

By charlie

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George is a friendly Giant that Gresis in scrnfy clos. As walk downtown came a dog  was cold so George gif his Hull city scarf and the dog said fan you.When he gets his New stuff on he tripped up and bumped his nee.when he dresses and sos I’m smartest Gient in Hull . He Walked happily down town putting his old clothes On.When he Got home he gotta dress and a car.When he sings he shouts.He said I’m the Cindest Gient in Hull.What a wonderful day.


By alice

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George was a giant the scruffiest giant in hull .one day he walked through the streets and he saw a beautiful shop called madalan.he only had a Hull city shirt  that was really dirty,Hull city shorts,addgas trans and socks.Goerge went into the shop and bought a shirt ,socks,trousers and a tie.Mean while he saw a beautiful unicorn  she was pleading loudly. What’s the matter? said Goerge it’s my back said the unicorn  so Goerge took of his shirt and give it to the unicorn . He just wants to go in a cafe he got a hotchoclate.In the shop he saw a poodle.He said what’s the matter.I,m cold said the poodle from my drink.Goerge took his socks off and wrapped it around her.After a while he went home and the anmils he helped were ther.

By rhylee

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George was the scruffy gaint in Hull.Then he saw a primark shop with smart clothes.Then he came to the deep there was an dog he was wet so he gave him a jacket.It didn’t match my t shert any ways.Thank you.Said the dog!Then he went street.He sees a man.Why are you crying?cried George.Im cold.Cried the man.Cheer up!Said George and he took of his rovers skarff.It didn’t match my belt any ways?Cried George? Then his pants fell down at Mersey primary school.Then he went of about rudeness he went to the shop?When he got there it was closed then he got a gift he opened it.

By zoe

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The smartest  Giant in Hull .

George was a Giant witch is scruffy and dirty and not smart at all. he’s never been smart never ever been smart. in the corner

of his eyes he saw a shop called primark so he bought a shirt , a belt, some socks and finely some shoes ,when he got home all the

animals he had helped was on the door step open the present George inside it was a paper crown . he put on the crown  and

Opened the card the card said…


your tie is a scarf for a cold Giraffe.

your Shrirt on a boat as a sail for a goat .

your shoe is a house for a little white mouse.

one of your socs is a bed for a fox.

your belt helped a dog who was crossing a bog.

so hear is a fine crown to go with the sandles and gown .

of the kindest Giant in Hull.




By parker

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George  is the kindness giant in Hull but  city field .George  was  in hull and sawshop that was called Asda the giant shop. geoge went to the giant shop so I don’t want the old dirtty clothes in the giant shop or I might get upset  out  side .if geoge See a  Sad animals   He   Help. The animals to be happier animals to see thank you

The smartest giant in Hull

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Gorge was a giant who wears a packed up gown.When he was walking down the road he saw a new shop called top man so he went inside top man.He bought a hull city shirt,shorts,some trainers and his hull city socks.Gorge was walking home one day he saw a duck at east park  soGorge said what’s the matter?Its my neck.It’s very very cold.Gorge said go home  and that will keep you warm okay.yes said the duck.Few I’m still the smart  giant in Hull.

By lucy