Billy biscuit

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Yesterday we had our school reward. A majishn came. He made a bunny come into a box and she was called  snow. Billy buiscet asked my friend Alice to go on the stage. Also he made a poodle out of a balloon 🎈 for Alice. Billy buiscet balenstd a long stick on the end of his finger. His last name is buiscet 🍪 Because he likes 🍪. It was very fun 😺. When he magicd a peac of paper 📝 onto a pitcher it was very good 😊. It was as good as a story 📝.By Ellie.

I can write a description

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Do you know about Mumble? If you don’t then read my description! Mumble is a famous penguin from happy feet. Wen mumble stands directly to the sun his fur is very shiny. Mumble has small, cute, fluffy and grey wings that help him swim under water. If  you look you will see small black , webbed feet. His eyes are bright, shiny, blue. Mumble is good at dancing but not good at singing. Sometimes his wings flap when he dances. He’s very soft and fluffy. Mumbles body is white, blak  and grey. When  Mumble goes in the sea it’s because he wants to eat some fish.Now you know about mumble.

by Ellie

mumble the penguin .

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Have you ever wondered about a penguin named mumble? if you haven’t you will know reading this .mumble has a     Beak  what is black orig but  he does not bite.on his tummy is gray. He is always does things funny.on his head is black . He has wings so he can swim and to get away from that lepd seal.mumble is always happy and excited as well. He has soggy feet and they are blue.

I can write a description (mumble the penguin)

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Have you ever wondered what penguins look like?Mumble has white,grey,fluffy wings to help him swim.When he Dances the ice starts to break.If his parents don’t find him.He’ll be under the  ice for ever.When mumble is standing in the sun his fair shines.Mumble is cute and braive.He is funny and exited.Mumble is sad because he wanted to sing with the other penguins.He only wanted to do it because his mum and dad are good at singing.Mumble is a famous penguin from happy feet.He is fluffy so he keeps warm.He has a cute little beack and he has lots of friends.They were all born at the same time .

Mumble from happy feet

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When mumble was born he was freezing. he’s  very very good. he is cute. if you look carefully you will see his cute blak feet. he uses his wings to swim. when mumble sings he screeches he eats fish. mumble is diffrent then all the others. he is grey and white. he’s got a orange beak. everyone doesn’t like mumble. he’s lucky to have a mum and dad he s clever he’s lucky to have a teacher.

Happy Feet…

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Year 2 have been describing a penguin called Mumble!!

Rhyming couplets by Isla

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The  robot  which  is  tall

Fell  off  great  wall


The best way for a dangerous dragon

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Have you ever seen a big and meen dragon? Well this is what it looks like.





.long legs


lives in cave


Rhyming couplets by lily

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once I saw some mice

sitting on some ice

eating some rice

and said it was nice


once they was a goat

sailing on a boat

round a moat

with  a  funny coat


they was a cat

who  is very  fat

he sat on a bat

having a chat  with a rat



Star Wars revenge of the Jedi

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Once there was an old man who was a time travler said it was the end of the world tomorow.evryone was running and screening.The evil emperor, who wore black robes, redeemed his troops and tried to destroy the sun. Some brave Jedi knights were sent on a secret mission.