The world cup

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I am excited about the world cup which is been held in Brazil. I hope England win the world cup like they did in 1966 and because its the country i am from. We have a really good goal keeper called Joe Hart who plays for Manchester City but will represent England in the world cup, I hope he is as good in goal playing for England as he is his club so that we have a good chance of getting to the final and winning. All around the area i live i see the England flag around peoples houses, in shop windows, or on peoples cars which shows alot of support for our football team. I would really like to watch some of the world cup but because of the time difference in Brazil alot of the matches are on very late. COME ON ENGLAND.

Declan Year 2.

How to play a game of football by Keagan

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Do you want to be a stunning footballer? well look at these instructions.

You will need
blach p.e kit
football boots
goal post

First of all, get changed into your black p.e
Second choose your fruit and water because to be fit and strong.
Next get a football and set up the white goal post up
if you feel a little bit nevous try

life cycle of a hen by Ruby

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First the hen keeps the eggs very warm in a soft nest made out of long sticks and thick dark green moss.The eggs get warmer and bigger until it hatches.


Then the egg grows too big so it hatches into a tiny,cute,fluffy chick.The chick learns how to do all of the abilities that it needs to learn.It stays a cute fluffy chick for up to 5 weeks.

Stage 3

After the time goes by the chick has to eat alot before it becomes a hen or it will not be very big.It will also not lay as much eggs as it is supossed to do for a fully grown hen.

Stage 4

Finally the cute chick turns into a hen and now the hen has to live the rest of its life .It now starts to lay eggs of its own and they will do what tere ment to do.

TheWorld cup

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I am exited for the world cup because I know that England will win it . England are a really good team because they have a realy good gool keeper Joe Heart and auseme players.We will not be beeten because we are the best.The team is amazing GO ENGLAND. We all count on England if we do not win Iwill be extremly sad. I think that England should have learned some new cool skills to win the world cup WEare the very best team in the whole wide world .We all have spirit because we are ENGLAND . My favourite player is Waine Runie because he always scores amazing goals and helps England win the world cup

Miss Polly had a naughty dolly

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Once upon a time Miss polly had a dolly.The dolly that Miss polly had was verry sick. When Miss Polly found out she ran to the talephone and prest the numbers 889933 and the prest talk. When the doctor found out he got his hat and bad and set of to Miss pollys house.

Then when the doctor was there he nocked on the door with a ratta-tat-tat.  Then Miss Polly peept out of her window smilieing.  When the doctor was nocking on Miss Pollys door her cat was out side and he sterd at the doctor and mewowed. The the doctor saw Miss Polly through the window in the door.  She was opening the door so the doctor could get in.

When the doctor when into the house the cat folowd him.  The miss Polly got her dolly out of the bed.  She showed her to the doctor.  The Doctor looked at the Dolly and he shuck his head and he said.

Miss Polly your dolly is very naughty she is just pretendng to be sick.  She his is very well now you must go to school. The End

Magic Potions

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Today in mathematics the children were looking at capacity.

To the shock of year 2 and myself we received a letter from The Fairy Godmother and in it she mentioned how an evil wizard had stolen all of her potions!

But because year 2 are extremely helpful they offered to help the Fairy Godmother by following her recipes to create new magical potions!

Here are some pictures of the children measuring the gruesome ingredients and adding it to their mixture!


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On Wednesday afternoon some of the year 6 children came in to year 2 to teach them how to use an African drum, here is a video of a song the children learnt!

how to get ready for a ball

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You will need.abuetiful ball gown

GLass slippers


Make up


First get your buetiful  beaded gown ready.

Then put your Amazing gown on.

After that  put your pretty pink  slippers on

Next put  pretty make up on your face

Then  put  some  strawberry scented  perfume on

Finally  have a nice time  at the ball

Declan and Greatle

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Once upon a time they lived to boys that was called Declan and Greatle and they lived in a wood with there parents.And they went throe a cave so they went throe a forest.they froe a zoo.


and they sor some anmils

they went thro the world and they came to a wich…and hated children. ellis and went to declan and greatle.



And he traped declan and gretle in a cage…and there parents were traped out side out side of the car. And declan found a key on the flour near the tabel  and they got out  of  the cage and cilled the wich   and lived hapley ever after the end

By Declan



Sleeping Sophie

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Once upon   a   time   there     lived    a   princess  called   Sophie  she  was  the  most  buetiful   princess  ever  .Sophies  mother   was  called Emily.

Suddenly   they   heard a knock   at the door  so  Sophie   and   Emily  opened  the  door  very  carefully  it was a man. They did not know    that  man  was  evil   wizard   Ryley  . He  offered to  give  them a  apple    each   wich   would make  them   fall  asleep  forever.


Sophie    and  her mother  eat    the apple   and   fell  asleep.  The only way  to save  them was for   a prince to give  them   the   magical   kiss  of  life   .  Suddenly   a prince  named  Owen  and his  dad  king  Harry  found  out the news.

They  tried  and  tried to break into the  buetiful  castle  but  horrible  wizard   Ryley  has locked the doors.Luckily  prince  Owen brought  an extra  key  wich unlocked  any thing  . So  he  opened the door and  gave  queen Emily  and princess Sophie  the magic kiss  of life  …and they came back to life  .

Queen Emily  and princess   Sophie were so glad  that they  all had a big  …party to celebrate  thier love  .  Queen Emily got married to king  Harry and princess  Sophie got married to  prince Owen and they  invited  every body   went   exept from  evil wizard   Ryley  who  wanted  them gone  THE END.